Friday, August 18, 2006

date 18th Aug. MG Road
Was busy doin my assignments, when a friend o mine skyped me. Details of the message apart, she had her skype icon as 'Pingu' the penguin...Instead of replyin back, i was lost in the thoughts of good ol days when pingu used to be screened on DD2, if i am not wrong.. And as i am typin this post, I am recollecting those days..A flurry of thoughts cross my mind, memories that i seem to vividly remember..twas like all these things happened yesterday.. All those cartoons on cartoon network: popeye and scooby doo that i used to never miss before hurryin to schoool, those petty quarrels with my sister for the 'young world' supplement on saturdays.. those short breaks and lunch breaks in school when we used to eat our lunch so fast so that we could play cricket on the terrace a lil more..i remembered my automan too, a guy called 'Madhi', the guy wo still remembers me each time i see him near his house.. also the day i cried when my best friend Sagar left school in class VII.. All those cricket coaching camps that i used to enthusiatstically ditch midway each summer holiday, those good ol days when my dad used to take my sis and me to either cubbon park or lal bagh each weekend..those days of love those days of hatred, those days of joy those days of sorrow, those days when i used to laugh and those i would sob... however cliched this post may sound, i have to admit it that it has bought a tear in my eye as i type this..all those streets in malleshwaram that i have walked on... glad i am still in malleshwaram.. it is where i wanna be for now and years to come..I could go on and on but let us continue with our work and save memories to be unravelled in small installments...

18 and life You got it
18 and life you know
Your crime is time and it's
18 and life to go

-18 and life(Skidrow)