Thursday, April 09, 2009

Devil or the deep sea

Her swanky corset dripping gold, her hair a peachy mess.
She breezed her way to the fireplace, to warm her arms and face.
A stifled whisper broke the ice, a gesture I perceived.
Provoked, evoked, aroused, I lay, entranced in the web she weaved.
The next step I sought, with cautious sense, a quandary I unmasked.
A labyrinth I feared, was in front of me, its answer I was asked.
"I know it all, I'll return too soon", was what I assured me.
Blink of an eye, a moment passed by, indulged I was in she.
Her arms around, we were heaven-bound, in her I was in.
and there we were, drenched in blood, I, the Lie, she, the sin.