Friday, November 28, 2008

our foes, the vikings, had tamed the sea,
had landed on the shores, forbidden..
for fear, something they knew no more,
in hatred they believed..

Unprecedented, scary, evil.. Mumbai has been torn apart. The country is shocked. In such a tumultuous time, heroes have emerged, some unfortunately achieving martyrdom. I salute the brave policemen who are no more. The deceased who may have killed in the process of voicing their opposition against the evil. I salute the commandos of the NSG who have limited the damage exceptionally.

I digress to ask these questions.
Amidst all this furor of the uptown Taj and The Oberoi, has anyone of us given a damn about the so called 'low-profile' blasts and shootings at the Vile Parle flyover and the CST station?
Does the severity of a hideous come with its price and a monetary baggage?
Is the taxi driver's death in the Vile Parle blast almost a non-issue compared to the dramatic evacuation of a British hotshot??
Are issues like the suspension of the India England test series more relevant for discussion than paying due condolences to the Muslim hawker who lost his life at the CST shootout??

I have no problem with the media being heavily empowered. But nothing fails in this context more than that old cliche 'With great Power, comes great Responsibility'.

We sure would remember the incident, the terrorists as well as the 'high-profile' casualties but let us make it a point to remember the brave martyrs as well as the 'low-profile' casualties..

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

I doff my hat, and nod in agreement..

One of those rare top 10s that I've completely agreed with.. almost