Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Actress

Histrionics overboard, dry eyes try to weep,
The tears couldn't be forced, emotions so deep.
Unfazed by truth, her heart of stone,
laughs at them somber baritones.

Cold streaks of arrogance, a scornful smirk,
poured down her visage, amidst the murk.
Enlightened, contented, the actress spoke,
"I break these shackles, I stamp the yoke".

The top actress in town, was all at sea,
the passionate act interrupted, by her insanity.
Livid, the ruthless ruler decreed,
to slay this thespian, her ilk and breed

"Har har, the whore shall pay for her impudence!",
"Long live the King!" rejoiced the audience
"He who is haughty must pay with his head",
"Chop!", roared the axe, as she lay there dead

A moment of silence, drowned the room,
liberated from the evils, despair and gloom.
The joyous spirit, escaped her remains,
transcended above with mock disdain.