Monday, September 18, 2006

the devil in me head has disappeared.. at least temporarily.. so whilst the sky is blue , a quick composition for sweet memories and posterity.. the name is Mark Cullen.. president Exeter group..around 2:30 in the afternoon.. conference room..awesome talk.. bowled over by him..some ppl simply dont cease to amaze me.. very few of them i must confess.. this dude was up there... a man barely 40 yrs old, the look in his eyes, the tone of his voice..confidence personified.. phew phew phew.. want to get there.. lets see if mother nature agrees.. or maybe fate has something else in store.. back to some queensryche now... no more Amon Duul.. surprised?? me surprised too ;).. so is my mom.. she can sleep peacefully from now on.. no more kraut.. for tonight at least.. god bless the world...

for a change
Vetrivel muruganukku, Haro Hara!!!

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