Sunday, February 25, 2007

Conned 'vocation'

glued to the seat, at the junkie workplace..
the day had arrived, to turn the page..
A new destination beckoned, the boredom had overgrown..
the journey was much needed, was tired of being alone..

stepped out of the bus, a touch expectant..
old memories flashed by, with nostalgic intent..
i was where i wanted to be, welcomed by the zone..
with all the things around me, hell I'd never be alone..

the crowd around me, stretched miles far..
the noise in the air, sounded like cries from a war..
the road looked full, the atmosphere full blown..
stifled amidst all this, i suddenly wanted to be alone..

the sea looked gorgeous, the sand never ended..
the waves lashed furious, the rocks defended..
the beach looked empty, the atmosphere unknown...
in the midst of nowhere, i realized i loved to be alone..

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