Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The moment they had been waiting for from so long had almost arrived... General Heinrich and his protege Jurgen of the Bundes-truppe 'sechzehn' looked at the grasslands around.. The sweet smell of victory was in the air and the dream of conquering kamerun had materialised.. Jurgen raised the bottle of whiskey expecting a loud victorious war cry from his general.. Heinrich however, was taking a look at the large expanses in front of him scattered with corpses and intermittently garnished with the mighty Savannah grasses holding the corpses secure like an anchor... Drops of water flowed down his cheeks and Jurgen after staying close to the general for as long as he could remember, could easily identify the droplets to be tears, not beads of sweat pounding down in the sweltering heat... The general dint move a whisker... He stood there motionless and said,
"For the last 5 years, my ruthless passion had overwritten all the compassion
inside.. The struggle for this day had been my only motive, my only purpose of existence... And here I am on the threshold of glory, I see nothing but the empty me amidst these corpses begging for someone to lend some meaning to my cruel past hollow present and the ominous future.. The
whole world has ceased to exist in a split second... My little daughter who passed away last month is playing with these dead children and laughing at me and my petty ambitions.. She has never laughed like this before Jurgen, she's never seemed so happy... Aaaargh!! A huge void seems to be created inside me dear brother, which seems infinitely large and cancerous.. The void is eating away all those cells of mine which were thirsty to taste those drops of blood and fine whiskey which you hold aloft, oh Lucifer! ..."
He bent down, knelt on his feet, and buried his face in the dry sand looking for a quiet place to mute his daughter's scornful laughter and the kids' chattering and gleeful celebration..
Jurgen descended down the tank, hurled the bottle down and rushed to comfort his godfather.. The spilt whiskey lay still on the sand like an orphan with the even the all-benevolent earth refusing to grant it any refuge.. Heinrich screamed with all his might, grabbed Jurgen's magnum and shot himself right on his neck.. "This is where the cancer seems to be now, Jurgen", he exclaimed as he writhed in pain.. Within no time Heinrich rolled down the grassland to be a part of the carnival happening below..
Jurgen, looked up in a state of disbelief and saw his once-ruthless general playing with his daughter like a 3 year old free from any quantifiable glory.. The mighty savannah grasses danced along and so did the whole of the kamerun tribe...

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