Thursday, June 21, 2007

shadows of dawn

silver robe, grass swept gently,
gleaming drops of honey dew land...
the whiskers of the kitten fondle her feet,
as the night queen descends on the sand...

the dust of the war just settled,
the eerie silence and the calm..
the moonchild lends a hand,
to save the ones from the dreaded storm..

the sweet wave of the wind blows,
pampering the rustling leaves...
softly, they whisper secrets,
of the lost lives, the carnage and the peace..

the world is a lonely place and im all alone,
the warm corner i seek, to be on my own..
memories of my master, are as hard as a stone,
the faithful steed whines, in a melancholic tone..

Cold blood on her cheeks,
the orphaned girl grieves...
someday the dirt will be below me,
the beanstalk believes..

Milky white, fragrant and surreal,
the tired earth goes to sleep...
knowing very well, at dawn,
is an all familiar tale, a painful journey so deep...

an all familiar tale, a painful journey so deep...

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