Thursday, June 28, 2007

an unappealing 50k line script .. amazing how uninteresting things form the perfect background
for nostalgic recollections...the memories all vivid in the backdrop of fading numbers on screen.. everything that i possessed, now they are gone... dream on..

Scene 1: A picture of sriram and me performing the sacred 'samidadhanam', a ritual which succeeds the sandhya vandanam ritual, in front of rama vadhiyar, sriram's grandpa. The zeal in my eye is evident although i have absolutely no knowledge on the whats-what of these shlokas. Never knew that peace of mind is something which someone can actually crave for.. circa 1995

Scene 2: A picture of me running outside my house to trip on someone's footwear and land on a railing edge. Me being taken to Dr.Raghu's house. 5 stitches.. The pain in my voice is evident. Never knew pain would take an altogether different form today. circa 1994

Scene 3: Me and our team getting walloped by vijay's team in a local cricket match. nicky and me arguing on what went wrong that day. Judy telling me not to tear the team badges that we had carefully made esp for the match. The passion in my eye is worth a look. Never knew passion would go out of fashion someday. circa 1994.

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