Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another year..

Feb 14th and the jury is out again. Every other newspaper running articles on their Anti-Valentine day propaganda. Again a case of sensational (daft) journalism? Affirmative.

I personally am quite happy to embrace this day whole-heartedly. As far as I am concerned, Valentine's Day is just a joyous occasion more than anything else. As with each occasion, an underlying motif is necessary and in this case, it happens to be a day of celebration for lovers. Note that i say 'a day of celebration' rather than 'the day of celebration'. This is because of lame counter-arguments floating around saying that true love needs no specific day for being expressed and all that. The answer to that is Yes, it doesn't. There is no one stopping anyone from expressing their love on any day/night. And there is no extra incentive for people to express that extra bit of love today. However, the point people are missing here is that the day is an Occasion. An occasion as relevant or irrelevant as say a day of fireworks, a day for eating pongal. As much as I love myself, why do I celebrate with people on a (meaningless) day when I was born?

The fact is that it is only human to seek that extra bit of motivation in any possible form to do something relevant. A fest in college needed a banner for people to take notice and rejoice. A festival of fireworks needs a name for people to light the colorful fireworks and rejoice. A motive behind an event is the sole reason for an individual to act. It is.

I am off to celebrate the day with my Valentine. Though it is my debut, I don't think I am fazed or distracted by the opinions around me.

Cheers on a good day!

There is no right or wrong, people just act according to their needs.
-Prof.Isak Borg (Wild Strawberries)

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